Sennelier Transparent Inks 30ml


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The shellac gum used in the recipe to make Sennelier inks ensures each shade has a rich unique brilliance, a brightness and reflects under light.  You can apply these fluid inks with a brush or ink pen and depending upon the thickness the result will be a satin or brilliant finish.  These drawing inks are water-resistant without being indelible and create stunning washes of colour.

Recommended for calligraphy, quill drawings, pen and wash, textile artwork

Protect with a pencil fixative in order to increase their light stability

30ml Bottles with dipper (except gold, silver and opaque white)

Traditional shellac based ink

Transparent Satin Finish

Can be thinned with water



Additional information

transparent inks 30ml

01 Opaque white, 02 Silver, 020 Thinner, 03 gold, 211 Burnt Sienna, 223 Sienna, 270 Sanguine, 303 cobalt blue, 308 Indigo Blue, 315 Ultramarine blue, 318 Prussian Blue, 341 Turquoise Blue, 405 Red Brown, 438 Sepia, 449 Bistre, 453 Walnut stain, 501 Lemon Yellow, 519 Senegal Yellow, 521 Yellow Light, 635 Carmine, 641 Orange, 667 Purple, 674 Vermilion, 681 Scarlet, 701 Grey, 803 Deep green, 813 Olive green, 871 Yellowish green, 873 Spring Green, 901 Violet, 931 Neutral Hue, Indian ink