Sennelier Extra-Fine 0ils Colour (40 ml)

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Sennelier gathers only the finest natural and inorganic pigments from around the world. The pure pigments are ground very slowly with extreme care to an extra-fine consistency. They are then combined at maximum concentration with an archival safflower oil to yield the highest possible tinting strength and a lustrous satin finish. The sensuous pigments have a unique buttery texture, a consistency originally developed for the expressive style of the Impressionist painters who frequented the Sennelier store in the 19th century. Sennelier’s meticulous work, his vast knowledge of pigments, his talents as a colourist, and collaboration with Cezanne and other Masters gave rise to a palette of oil colours that quickly became the standard of quality. Favoured by some of the greatest artists (Monet, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard, Modigliani, Chagall, Ernst, Hockney), Sennelier oils hang in the world’s most prestigious museums.

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sennelier oil colors 40ml

S1. 116 Titanium white, S1. 119 Zinc white, S1. 123 Zinc titanium white, S1. 136 titanium buff, S1. 138 unbleached titanium, S1. 202 burnt umber, S1. 203 Greenish umber, S1. 205 Raw umber, S1. 208 raw sienna, S1. 211 Burnt sienna, S1. 213 Green earth, S1. 215 Cassel earth, S1. 217 Tuscan earth, S1. 219 italian earth, S1. 250 Modigiliani ochre, S1. 252 yellow ochre, S1. 253 pale ochre, S1. 254 light yellow ochre, S1. 255 Brown ochre, S1. 257 gold ochre, S1. 259 Red ochre, S1. 407 van dyck brown, S1. 411 Van dyck brown deep, S1. 438 Sepia, S1. 623 Venetian red, S1. 627 english red, S1. 705 Warm grey, S1. 707 cool grey, S1. 755 ivory black, S1. 757 peach black, S1. 759 mars black, S1. 768 carbon black, S1. 919 caput mortum, S2. 301 blue grey, S2. 308 indigo hue, S2. 312 ultranmarine light, S2. 314 French ultramarine blue, S2. 315 Ultramarine deep, S2. 318 prussian blue, S2. 320 azure blue, S2. 323 cerulean blue hue, S2. 345 bonnard blue, S2. 395 Flemish blue, S2. 399 Sennelier blue, S2. 501 lemon yellow, S2. 505 mars yellow, S2. 511 Bright yellow, S2. 513 warm bright yellow, S2. 517 Indian yellow hue, S2. 563 naples yellow warm, S2. 566 Naples yellow deep, S2. 567 Naples yellow, S2. 629 indian red, S2. 631 Mars red, S2. 647 Mars orange, S2. 650 blush tint, S2. 657 permanent rose, S2. 703 payne grey, S2. 819 Sap green, S2. 821 baryte green, S2. 847 emerald green, S2. 901 king blue, S2. 916 ultramarine violet, S2. 931 neutral tint, S2. 953 Ultramarine rose, S2.568 naples yellow light, S3 561 yellow lake, S3 590 indian yellow orange, S3 645 chinese orange, S3 649 orient lake, S3. 108 flake white, S3. 322 royal blue, S3. 326 phthalo blue, S3. 328 manganese blue, S3. 339 Turquoise light, S3. 412 Sennelier transparent brown, S3. 639 Carmine deep, S3. 677 Chines vermilion, S3. 688 Crimson lake, S3. 690 Rose madder lake, S3. 695 alizarin crimson, S3. 696 Permanent alizarin crimson, S3. 805 Chromium green light, S3. 807 chromium green deep, S3. 813 Olive green, S3. 815 Chromium oxide green, S3. 817 phthalo green warm, S3. 818 phthalo green cool, S3. 845 permanent green, S3. 915 manganese violet, S4 674 Vermilion, S4. 303 Cobalt blue hue, S4. 445 Brown pink, S4. 471 madder brown, S4. 503 alizarin yellow lake, S4. 539 cadmium yellow light hue, S4. 541 yellow medium hue, S4. 543 Cadmium yellow deep hue, S4. 545 Cadmium yellow lemon hue, S4. 547 Cad. yellow orange blue, S4. 576 Nickel yellow, S4. 583 Turner yellow, S4. 613 Cadmium red light hue, S4. 615 Cad. red orange hue, S4. 616 Cadmium red medium hue, S4. 618 cadmium red deep hue, S4. 619 Permanent intense red, S4. 635 Carmin red, S4. 636 sennelier red, S4. 638 Cinnabar red, S4. 661 antique red, S4. 671 Quinacridone magenta, S4. 675 french vermilion, S4. 691 rose dore madder lake, S4. 827 Cinnabar green light, S4. 829 cinnabar green deep, S4. 831 yellow cinnabar green, S4. 837 viridian, S4. 849 permanent yellow green, S4. 851 Golden green, S4. 911 Cobalt violet hue, S4. 917 dioxazine violet, S5 689 madder lake deep, S5 699 Geranium lake, S5 699 permanent alizarin crimson deep, S5 941 Magenta, S5. 258 amber ochre, S5. 559 Aureoline, S5. 693 chinese lake, S6. 305 cerulean blue, S6. 307 Cobalt blue, S6. 343 Cobalt turquoise, S6. 347 alizarin blue lake, S6. 529 cadmium yellow light, S6. 531 cadmium yellow medium, S6. 533 Cadmium yellow deep, S6. 535 Cadmium yellow lemon, S6. 537 Cadmium yellow orange, S6. 605 Cadmium red light, S6. 606 cadmium red deep, S6. 607 cadmium red medium, S6. 609 Cadmium red orange, S6. 825 cadmium green deep, S6. 833 Cobalt green light, S6. 835 Cobalt green deep