Rive Gauche Fine Oil Colours (200 ml)


Whilst retaining the key characteristics of oil painting, Rive Gauche fine oils dry twice as fast as classic oils
Oils that yellow two times less Safflower oil is used to make the 60 colours
Excellent opacity with satin finish.

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Rive Gauche 200ml

116 titanium white, 119 zinc white, 202 burnt umber, 205 raw umber, 208 raw sienna, 211 brunt sienna, 213 green earth, 250 modigliani ochre, 252 yellow ochre, 301 blue grey, 303 cobalt blue hue, 314 french ultramarine blue, 318 prussian blue, 341 phtalo turquoise, 385 primary blue, 539 cadmium yellow light hue, 543 cadmium yellow deep hue, 545 cadmium yellow lemon hue, 567 naples yellow, 574 primary yellow, 615 cadmium red orange hue, 618 cadmium red deep hue, 635 carmine red, 641 orange, 658 quinacridone pink, 674 vermilion, 686 primary red, 703 payne's grey, 705 warm grey, 755 ivory black, 759 mars black, 871 bright yellow green, 896 phthalo green blue shade, 897 phthalo green yellow shade, 917 dioxazin purpule


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