LocknLock HPL 816 Classic Container Case 800ml



Use & Care For Microwave Use:

– Unlock all four latches and loosen lid before using in the microwave.

– Do not use an empty container in the microwave.

– Please be careful as container itself gets hotter in accordance with heating time.

– Please set heating times “short” or “low” when you heat moistures foods.

– The container body and lid are microwave safe for reheating purposes only.

– Do not use lid or body in the oven, under browning elements or in stove top.

– Avoid overheating foods high in oil, fat, sugar, or tomato content to prevent permanent stains, pitting or other dangers associated with high temperature.

Use & Care:

– Please wash before use.

– Only for re-heat able, not for cooking in direct flames.

– Please be careful when using immediately out of freezer.

– Top rack dishwasher.

– Do not use abrasive cleaners and scrubbers.

– Silicone seal can be removed for cleaning if necessary.

*The seal design may be changed by the manufacturer.