Acrylic Campus Colors (100ml)

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Bright intense acrylic colour that dries to a satin finish. Large colour palette for great possibilities of colour mixing. Buttery oil-paint like texture, not too fluid, not too thick. High covering and colour power due to the quality and concentration of pigments. Dries to a non-yellowing, non-resoluble, waterproof paint film. Colours are opaque and lightfast.

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Campus colors 100 ml

002 Jaune Pastel Yellow, 003 Pivoine Pink, 004 Parme Pastel Violet Light, 007 Orange Pastel Yellow, 250 Chair Flesh, 303 Cobalt Blue, 357 Ultramarine Blue, 360 Midnight Blue, 385 Bleu Primaire Primary Blue, 501 Lemon Yellow, 515 Gold Yellow, 541 Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, 543 Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, 563 Naples Yellow Warm, 567 Yellow, 574 Primary Yellow, 613 Red Light Hue, 616 Cadmium Red Medium Hue, 617 Carmine, 618 Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, 641 Orange, 658 Rose Quinacridone Pink, 671 Deep Magenta, 674 Vermilion, 686 Primary Red, 695 Alizarin Crimson Lake, 916 Ultramarine Violet, 917 Purple