Sennelier Abstract Arcylic (500 ml)




Sennelier Abstract is a high-quality fine acrylic paint made in France, packaged in a flexible pouch.

The flexible air air-tight pouches can be firmly resealed with the nozzle, which means paint stays wet, workable, and all of it can be used.

Abstract is composed of 34 single pigment colours among the range’s 60 shades. 36 satin finish colours, 12 high gloss colours, 6 iridescent colours and 6 fluorescent colours.

Additional information

Abstract 500ml

brunt sienna 211, cad red deep hue 606, cad red orange hue 615, cad yellow deep hue 543, cobalt blue hue 303, flesh ochre 250, hooker's green 809, iridescent gold 028, iridescent silver 029, mars black 759, netutral grey 701, phthalo green 896, primary blue 385, primary red 686, primary yellow 574, purple 917, raw sienna 208, titanium white 116, vermilion 674, yellow ochre 252