Van Eyck Medium


Use when you wish to work transparently using the glazing method.
Use preferably with transparent or semi-transparent colors.

Medium with a gel-like consistency, based on mastic resin and oil thickened in the presence of metal oxides. Thixotropic. It has an easy application, fixes brushstrokes and increases gloss, transparency and depth of color. Allows oil colors to be superimposed rapidly, even when paint is fresh, without diluting the underlying coats. For rough sketches, thin the medium with turpentine or petroleum spirits. Enrich as the work proceeds. Provides rapid setting followed by progressive drying. Van Eyck medium gives the brushstrokes (even when using impasto techniques) a varnished, enamel finish. Also suitable for glazing and modeling.


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Medium & Varnish

40 ml Tube N130182.40