Potentate Artist Watercolor Sketchbook 16sheets 300g

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Potentate watercolor drawing block spiral binding, in different formats and textures: hot pressing / cold pressing / rough. Excellent block for drawing with watercolors, water crayons and watercolor markers. The type of paper will affect the result of the drawing as different types of paper will react differently to the same color. Briefly, the terms “hot press” and “cold press” refer to the surface finish or texture of the paper. Cold pressed paper has a slightly bumpy surface texture, while hot pressed paper has a smooth surface finish. There is another category of watercolor paper called rough. This paper has a very prominently textured surface, the texture is accentuated as the paint dries.

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Cold Press A4, Cold press A5, Hot Press A4, Hot press A5, Rough Grain A4, Rough Grain A5